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Bavarian Custom Irons is a german company in bavaria, near munich. Our intension is to build high quality handmade tattoo machines and more. We really care about fast customer service and reachability your satisfaction is our goal to reach!

BCI Headquarter     Inside BCI headquarter

Tattoo machines, cables, power supplies and footswitches are technical equipment, so as you know every technical thing has wearing parts on it. All wearing parts on our products are removeable, so every technical disadvantage or every kind of repairing is possible and easy to do for us. Every machine, footswitch and also our powersupply have a lifetime warranty, also including the wearing parts. (lifetime warranty just for the first owner!) Repair work is preffered and will be finished within 24 hours after delivery. Bavarian Custom Irons is well known as a company with a high quality standard. Before leaving our company, every product will be checked once again to guarantee our customers the best.

Showroom     Workstation

Our range of goods include apart from tattoo machines matching footswitches, powersupplies, cables, and every tool you need to work perfect with our coil machines. For guaranteed running-features we also offer our original BCI springs - geared to every kind of our machines.

More machines..    

Stefan Fischer, founder and owner of BCI, was born in munich 1976. In the end of 2005 he began to learn tattooing himself and he realized real quickly that there was not many tattoo machines ont he market that could convince him 100 percent. Because of his know how through the training as an industrial mechanic and his desire to have a good working tool for tattooing, Stefan started to build his own machines - specialized for his needs. After a few months, other artists recordnized Stefans machines and they were suprised by his accurate and beautiful way to build them. This was a huge motivation for him to perfect his machines more and more. Within a few months he registered a real success, so he started to enlarge his company and his range of goods.




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