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"How can I order?"
You can either select a machine in this shop and then in the order form (in the section „Notes“) tell us about your wishes and requests regarding run or design, or you can call us. Find the telephone number in the section "Contact". You can also send an e-mail or visit us at a Tattoo Convention near your hometown. We always have a minimum of  100 machines at our booth.

"How long will the delivery take?"
We always have several machines ready on stock which can be shipped the same day, after payment receipt. Custom-made machines with special settings will be despatched after a maximum of 1-3 working days, after payment receipt.

"What does `lifelong guarantee´ mean?“ 
As long as you are the owner of the machine, you have – as first owner – a guarantee on all machine components, no matter which part may get broken. In case of damage, send the machine (in the original box which you receive with the machine) and a copy of the invoice. The guarantee covers also springs and condensator. Repairs always have highest priority and leave the factory normally already after 24 hours. It is of highest importance for us that you can work with your BCI machine, and that they do not get dusty in some place, this is why we offer this service!
"Do you also have cheaper machines?"
Quality and service have their price. However, we do not want to be extortionate, this is why we try to keep all the prices on a reasonable level. Please keep in mind that only the material costs of every machine are much higher then the complete purchase price of a cheap machine from far east which you can buy in the famous internet auctions. And this still does not include the working time and costs... At Bavarian Custom Irons, you will get a handmade tattoo machine, made in Germany and of high-quality materials. Moreover, you have direct contact persons for possible problems or questions regarding your new machine. Please keep also in mind the time saving and the benefits you will have with a well-working machine.

Can I only order from Germany?"
We ship worldwide. ****** we speak English ****** Hablamos espanol *******

"Do you also sell single parts, e.g. coils?"
No, we only sell complete machines, power supplys, arm rests and machine accessories.

"Can you recommend me a power supply unit?" 
We know about the problem with the power supplys. We often have customers who wonder why their machines do not bring the desired power or do not run stable as desired. The reasons are always the same: Clipcord with bad, thin cable; the same happens with the foot switch... and of course bad-quality power supply units, products from the Far East etc....  We highly recommend our own power supply "Transformator 239". It works best in combination with all our offered coil machines and many other machines on the market.  
"With what voltage do your machines work?"
This depends on the designated use, the used coils etc... Generally, our machines work with a low voltage, e.g. the liner with small coils often work already with 3,5 V - 5,5 volt. Shader and colouring machine mostly with 5 - 7 volt. The only exception are my Big Magnum Shader machines with 10 wrap coils. These machines need a slightly higher voltage to supply the power for a big magnum needle: 7-9 volt. Important for all the machines: A good power supply unit – see question above!

"Are the machines readily adjusted?"
All machines will be delivered readily adjusted and ready for use. Every request is possible, long or short stroke, fast or slow, smooth or hard, no matter which punch. If you do not note anything on the order form, we will adjust the machine with our standard settings. However, as every tattooer has his / her own way of working - and all are different -, it is often difficult to define an adjustment by default, therefore I would recommend you to contact me before you order. 
"Net delivery to foreign countries?"
If you have a valid tax ID number (will be checked!), we can of course deliver net, without the German purchase tax of 19 %, to other EU countries. Without a valid tax ID number, I only deliver inclusive 19% tax to the EU. The only exception are all other Non-EU countries. Here, of course the delivery is always net.
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