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Guarantee & Reparation
If you send a machine, footswitch or Power supply for repair, please note:
- please don`t send in more than 1 machine for repair.
  1 item is always free of charge, the second unit will be charged with 49,00 euro.
As first owner, you have a lifelong guarantee on your new B.C.I. tattoo machine.
Why „lifelong“?  - The idea behind this is to keep the machines always „alive“ and not to let them get dusty in a dark corner of the studio. Every machine is handmade by me and my staff, and this is why I always have a certain connection and a responsability towards the machine and its new owner. It also does not mean a big financial burden for Bavarian Custom Irons if from time to time some wearing parts have to be exchanged or if a machine develops a „life of its own“ and does not want to work the way it actually should. A satisfied customer is always our highest priority at B.C.I.! Repairs and service operations always comes first and normally leave the factory already the same day they reached us. No machine will stay here at B.C.I. longer than 48 hours. As Bavarian Custom Irons is a producer and not a reseller, we always have ALL parts of the machine ALWAYS in stock in big quantities. There are no delays because of missing spare parts. 
If you have a problem with your B.C.I. Tattoo Machine:
1. Call the hotline on 0049 (0)8092 861007 or send an email.
  - Minor problems can often be solved on the phone.
2. Pack the machine well and safe, if possible in the original box.
  - Enclose a copy of the original invoice (no matter if you bought the machine from B.C.I. or from one of the resellers).
3. Send the tattoo machine to the following address: Bavarian Custom Irons, Bahnhofstr.17, 85567 Grafing, Germany.
  - Please send parcels only insured and recorded delivery!
  - B.C.I. does not accept any liability and will not give any refund in case a shipment gets lost. 
Please only send clean machines, we don`t touch machines that are contaminated with ink or vaseline
Please don`t send us other brands, we are not responsible for other tattoo machine builders work
Information for „second owners“:
If you have bought a second-hand machine from a colleague, of course I can also spruce it up again in case of damage or as service operation. However, the price for this will amount to 75,00 Euro net. But you will get your machine back into its original state. The processing is the same as mentioned above. This service is only for professional tattoo artists!
Stefan Fischer  
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